The concept of "home" has a very particular meaning for each of us. It can be a house or an apartment; for some, it is a homeland - the country where he lives or was born. For some, it can even mean a close person, wherever they are. We naturally take care of our home. But we also have a moral obligation to take care of our homeland and nation so that this organized unit serves us and improves our living conditions. There is no doubt that we must protect our home. At the same time, we must distinguish the will to do so and have the necessary skills.

However, we are currently under pressure from the ruthless power of industrial, economic, banking and technological globalization. It is fascism that creates an artificial dependence on the whole functioning of the world. We are in an atmosphere of total denial of the individual's freedom, the nation and the state, and so this global fascism is our main enemy.

We are continually told lies about the real state of affairs, such as politics, religion, environmental issues, etc. Someone always divides us as people when we lose sight of the fundamental values necessary for life. This enemy imposes on us various systems of addiction with the desire to control and fully control us. This is modern slavery.

This slave is made of us by globalists who want to appropriate power over us and everything necessary for life. They create a dependence on them and on the resources they have seized at the expense of others. To all this, they now want to appropriate our consciousness, to control it and to tell us what we can and cannot do.

The present shows us that globalists control states through the power of corrupt political parties through a fraudulent system of pseudo-democratic elections. They control the legislature through political parties. The legislature retains the laws and thus creates power over the people and this whole fascist system. They, therefore, maintain modern slavery.

So what is the solution to this problem? It is necessary to take away the supranational influence of the legislature from globalists. Not the globalists, but the people should have legislative power. The solution is a civic referendum, which returns the legislature only to a sovereign country's citizens.

The executive power (that is, the state's servants, not the sceptered sect) must be experts. They are subject to the Civil Constitution and the citizens as the highest power. It must provide a service to citizens with full criminal and material responsibility. This means that there is no immunity.

"When you do your duty well for everyone, you have nothing to fear. But when you abuse your position for your benefit or someone else's, you must be as materially and criminally responsible as any of us. "

That is why the civic Constitution must be well written as an inviolable tool for citizens, the nation and the state. It is the same principle as the Ten Commandments. Our focus is the legislative will of the people, and therefore the people must know:

1. What we want - our goal

2. Professionally built plan for achieving the goal

3. Implementation


The aim is to create a healthy, self - sufficient and sovereign nation-state. For this reason, we have prepared a project of the Civic Referendum here in the Czech Republic, the content of which is:

1. Draft new Civil Constitution and laws, which should be as small as possible and understandable to all.

2. Reform of the state and the social system, including economic reform, introduces the self-sufficiency of sovereign national financing.

3. A social security project for every citizen through a civil pension (annuity) from the state's profit. However, this is not a globalist plan for unconditional income on bank debt, but the exact opposite.

4. Reform of the whole system of sovereign economy, agriculture, industry, healthcare, education, and the national bank's principle.

5. Protecting civil society from the manipulative influence of the media or advertising serving globalists and corporations.

6. Plan of actions and change of the whole political system by transformation into a civil state, led by experts, not by corrupt politicians. This civil state unequivocally identifies political parties as interest organizations of a foreign power, will and corruption. We intend to ban political interest groups and political non-profit organizations in the Constitution.


We processed this output for international cooperation of nations in the St. Wenceslas Legions project called SEN - Sovereign European Nations.

There are twenty-five program points of the overall reform to restore national sovereignty at under the link Program.

Their summary is given in the second part of this paper.

The introduction of full direct democracy, reforms, the government of criminally and materially responsible experts, the return of the legislature of the citizens and the provincial system will also be followed by the abolition of the political party system, which is an obstacle to effective state governance.





The program of the Czechoslovak Referendum envisages an actual state and economic reform. As part of the reform, a proposal is prepared for a completely new, simple state budgeting and state management model, based on the principle "People create the state as a shared community and become citizens to serve them. "

Water, light, heat, energy are an essential part of the basic needs of life and the social system that every citizen, service and company needs. Because people create a state to help and serve them, it is justified that it will provide its citizens with these basic needs free of charge from the state budget, i.e. from citizens' common property. Not unlimited, but limits sufficient for basic needs.


Civic pension is a new concept proposed in the Constitutional Law for the Czech Republic citizens based on extensive economic reform. The current state budget is CZK 1.6 trillion. The reform counts on a valid account of up to CZK 16 trillion.

Civic pension (annuity) - It is a direct civic and co-ownership share in the state budget's monthly profit for every regular citizen of the Czech Republic.

It is designed according to the measure of the current state of a decent minimum to life and cost of living, in 25,000 CZK / person. It aims to ensure the basic life security of the citizen, family, upbringing of children, care for the elderly or infirm.

Although the civil pension is a share in the profit of the state budget, it also fulfils the purpose of social security, intended for the safety of basic and decent livelihood, care and education of children, for the protection of housing, heat, light, water.

It cannot be confused with unconditional income from the workshop of globalists and banks, which is financed by the state's debt to banks, which the state will again have to collect back with interest. That is debt that makes another debt. The civil pension is the exact opposite without obligation, from the state budget's profit, which must not be lost by law. It is the precise opposite of globalist unconditional income.

It will be administered by a legally protected and inviolable civil account, to which only the citizen and the state, no one else, will have access.

3. REVISION of restitution, privatization and execution

After 1989, numerous restitutions, privatizations and performances took place. There are multiple indications and findings that they took place fraudulently, manipulatively, illegally and thus illegally. All restitutions need to be thoroughly investigated to ensure a clear overview of which has taken place legitimately and legally and unlawfully.

The revision would include creating a superior Revision Court, which would be appointed and removed by the President of the Republic for the time necessary to carry out the correction. At the same time, a Review Fund should be set up to cover damages from resources seized for illegal activity.

The reviewing court would have the power and obligation not only to annul erroneous, illegal conduct but also to declare criminal and material liability as well as the method of compensation for damages, including the detriment of all perpetrators and accomplices of unlawful conduct, regardless of the position of the persons liable.

Given that the illegal negotiations were conducted in an organized manner by entire groups of people and shareholders, it is clear that this was a criminal conspiracy against the state and the Czech Republic citizens and is necessary to reform the state and restore citizens' trust in law and justice.

We further suggest that if a person is involved in illegal and fraudulent conduct voluntarily plead guilty or give illicit enrichment before a judicial review. Anyone may apply the adequate remorse provision, and their sentence may be commuted or pardoned.

Suppose the person involved in the criminal proceedings obstructs or thwarts in any way the review. In that case, he will be unconditionally sentenced to imprisonment from 1 to 10 years, depending on the seriousness of the judicial's obstruction review. The provision of sufficient remorse shall not apply if the judicial review has already begun.


Today, it is no longer a secret that the fake revolution of 1989 was staged by the secret services of the CIA, NSA, KGB, STB and other private services and organizations. It is no longer a secret that they have followed a long-term plan for decades to globalize the whole of Europe into one whole, the European Union as a super-state of the EU, as the 4th Empire.

Global power, run by the world's largest banking houses in the private hands of several dozen families of financial magnates and the world's nobility, wants to rule the world. Our country got into a controlled process after 1989 and is under globalization when applied a unified approach as part of the global doctrine.

The globalists have gradually seized corruption and the secret services of the state's political forces so that these political forces together have a legislative majority. Through them, they took legislative power and gradually, for decades, transformed the legal order of European states according to their needs and for the fascination of society and the domination of European nations.

The current situation where nation-states, gradually raped and ready to fascinate, overcome the covid-fascist attack on their pillars of statehood, economic liquidation, liquidation of the state administration system, and disruption of health care, education, violation of the principle of state and family, the whole social system. A false pandemic with Covid-19, which aims to change the map of Europe again after 100 years and to adapt it to fascist globalization and domination, and the governments of the individual countries are fully cooperating with them as traitors.

This can only be prevented by maintaining nation-states, creating a pre-national policy, arresting all those who have participated in the sabotage of sovereign states and putting them before national civil courts. Only the restoration of state pillars, the return to just legislative, judicial and executive power can stop this.

The globalists plan to complete a fake revolution, of their governments, and complete the raped nation-states' collapse. Therefore, it is necessary to take power into pre-national hands and maintain nation-states because only a sovereign state can effectively defend itself against globalists.

It is necessary and necessary to revise all laws and correct them from sabotage elements. Without this revision, states will collapse into a legislative crisis, a lack of economic resources and an inability to maintain a sovereign state.


At present, the whole state operates on old economic systems, interpretations of capitalism, socialism, etc. Development of the social structure and technologies, these concepts have long since survived and faced many shortcomings that can no longer be solved according to these equations.

Today, the whole system is based on the manipulative principles of representative democracy, which does not work, and the economic principles of continuous growth (GDP), which quickly depletes raw material resources and creates a spiral of civilizational suicide.

This is reflected every day on almost every one of us. It is necessary to save natural resources and build a society on new rules and systems that meet today's requirements.


1. The state is created by the people as a shared community, and they become citizens volunteered to serve them.

2. The role of the state is external and internal security, housing, livelihood, health, education, culture, infrastructure

3. Laws should be kept to a minimum and should be understandable to all

4. Civil constitution and civil laws

5. Full direct democracy

6. State administration

7. Law and justice

8. Social security

This requires economic reform, which should ensure not only sufficient funding but also a balanced budget.

The old system of globalists and world banks lives on the created flow of money, vacuuming money outside the states, which originate in the system setting of the calculation of state taxes "Revenues (100%) minus expenditures (/ - 90%)".

Therefore, the current tax base for the state is 10% of the volume of taxable income, from which the actual tax is then calculated. Most of the money is lost and avoids the state by arc into the pockets of multinational corporations, speculators and banks that finance them.

This speculative system can be completely cut off most simply:

1. Own national bank and currency

2. Amendment of the provisions of the Tax Act (income minus expenses)

3. Abolition of existing direct and indirect taxes

4. Introduction of a single tax of 10% of total income

5. Put tax for natural and legal persons at the same level

6. Stabilize the national currency into your own federal hands and cut it off from the International Monetary Fund.


Throughout Europe, multicultural migration takes place through neo-Marxist political mafias and the socialist international within the framework of a project of the European Union and globalists. It is divided into two main categories of a settlement of Europe by people of mainly Islamic origin:

1. long-term - decades that have been dealing with and growing in Europe for 2-3 generations

2. Immediate - inhabiting Europe today on a mass scale. Both are incompatible with European civilization in both immediate and long-term terms.

The whole migration of African and Arab origin is a long-term plan for decades ahead from the workshop of socialist, globalist and banking elites, seeking to change the face of Europe by assimilating the original European population and traditional culture by mixing races, ethnicities and religions.

Everyone should think where our children and grandchildren are growing into and what the future is preparing for them by political mafias. It is essential to reject this assimilation plan unequivocally with all the political mafias collaborating with the banks, the European Union and the neo-Marxists on this crime.

Illegal migrants

Tackling illegal migrants is currently a powerful problem. However, it can be solved most simply. By enshrining the rule in our proposed new constitution, the Supreme Act in one sentence...

"An illegal immigrant, while maintaining basic social security, is uncompromisingly deported to the country from which he came or to the land of origin within seven days."

The primary coordinator of the Czechoslovak referendum

Jindřich Tichý

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