Message to the nations.

Dear people of goodwill. Dear brothers and sisters.

Know that we are all equal before God; one group of people is exalted above others. It is just a misleading illusion of several people seriously ill and unhappy with their souls. More people are aware of this fact, and gradually and inevitably, a period of abundance and peace for all is coming again. The time is coming when the robust plans progressively end. The order is then restored to the planet Earth, based on equality and brotherhood, without manipulation and under belief. The prejudice of ordinary people and prejudice of animals, plants are rare inhabitants of our planet. 

The first nations are gradually getting rid of their dependence on a few private banking cartels belonging to a few patients. They bring them to justice for abusing their powers as a public official-those who have given their mandate to administer their state. Right now, they are beginning to rebuild their beautiful lands, which they have inherited from their ancestors and which they must pass on to their sons and grandsons in a state of abundance, peace and security.

Thanks to this awareness, people are gradually waking up to life in cooperation and support. This joint international project of ours, born in the spiritual heart of Europe, is a natural fruit of this fact. There is an inevitable strong need for mutual support to create the concept of society in human truth, standing on the pillars of fraternal love, among all nations, not only in Europe but also between countries and people worldwide. 

You people of goodwill, regardless of religion and belief, welcome to a world where there is no more room for greedy, reckless and selfish cruelty, but for compassion, mutual respect, respect and mutual service, bringing as one of the principles a natural abundance to all.

God bless us to learn from the past, load our lives right, and find the strength and courage always to follow the path of truth and never eat it again.